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Long non-coding RNA BANCR promotes proliferation and migration of lung carcinoma via MAPK pathways.

PMID 25661343


Lung carcinoma (LC) is one of the most mortal malignant tumors, and is becoming one of most lethal threat to human health and life. LncRNAs, emerging non-coding RNAs but poorly understood, are involved in the proliferation, metastasis, infiltration and apoptosis of LC. In this study, an lncRNA BANCR in LC cells was chosen to investigate the effect on LC cells, and clarify the possible mechanism. The results showed that BANCR levels were downregulated in LC cells. When BANCR expression was improved by tranfection with pcDNA-BANCR vector, tumor growth was suppressed. Vise versa, when BANCR was knockdown by si-BANCR, cell proliferation and migration of LC were remarkably promoted. We further found that MAPK pathways were involved in the BANCR-mediated cell proliferation and migration of LC. Moreover, BANCR was found to regulate LC proliferation and migration via not ERK MAPK, but p38 MAPK and JNK inactivations. These findings not only suggested that BANCR may be a new target for LC chemotherapy in future, but also will help us to fully understand the oncogenesis of LC.