The journal of physical chemistry. A

Effective photosensitized energy transfer of nonanuclear terbium clusters using methyl salicylate derivatives.

PMID 25671396


The photophysical properties of the novel nonanuclear Tb(III) clusters Tb-L1 and Tb-L2 involving the ligands methyl 4-methylsalicylate (L1) and methyl 5-methylsalicylate (L2) are reported. The position of the methyl group has an effect on their photophysical properties. The prepared nonanuclear Tb(III) clusters were identified by fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry and powder X-ray diffraction. Characteristic photophysical properties, including photoluminescence spectra, emission lifetimes, and emission quantum yields, were determined. The emission quantum yield of Tb-L1 (Φ(ππ*) = 31%) was found to be 13 times larger than that of Tb-L2 (Φ(ππ*) = 2.4%). The photophysical characterization and DFT calculations reveal the effect of the methyl group on the electronic structure of methylsalicylate ligand. In this study, the photophysical properties of the nonanuclear Tb(III) clusters are discussed in relation to the methyl group on the aromatic ring of the methylsalicylate ligand.