General pharmacology

Excitatory action of the native neuropeptide antho-rfamide on muscles in the pennatulid Renilla köllikeri.

PMID 2568307


1. Antho-RFamide (pGlu-Gly-Arg-Phe-amide), a neuropeptide recently isolated from the sea pansy Renilla köllikeri induced sustained (tonic) contractions in the rachis and peduncle of the colony, and in the individual autozooid polyps. 2. The threshold concentration for this effect was 5 nM in summer colonies and 1 microM in autumn or winter colonies. 3. The peptide-induced tonic contractions were unaffected in sodium-free sea water. There was a 30% reduction of the contraction amplitude in sea water lacking calcium. 4. Peptides related to Antho-RFamide and other peptides were also examined for activity on rachidial muscles. Only peptides containing the carboxyterminal sequence Arg-Phe-amide were active. 5. It is concluded that Antho-RFamide acts on Renilla muscles via a specific receptor and that it is a candidate for neurotransmitter or modulator in this pennatulid.