Molecular plant

A Gene Expression Profiling of Early Rice Stamen Development that Reveals Inhibition of Photosynthetic Genes by OsMADS58.

PMID 25684654


Stamen is a unique plant organ wherein germ cells or microsporocytes that commit to meiosis are initiated from somatic cells during its early developmental process. While genes determining stamen identity are known according to the ABC model of floral development, little information is available on how these genes affect germ cell initiation. By using the Affymetrix GeneChip Rice Genome Array to assess 51 279 transcripts, we established a dynamic gene expression profile (GEP) of the early developmental process of rice (Oryza sativa) stamen. Systematic analysis of the GEP data revealed novel expression patterns of some developmentally important genes including meiosis-, tapetum-, and phytohormone-related genes. Following the finding that a substantial amount of nuclear genes encoding photosynthetic proteins are expressed at the low levels in early rice stamen, through the ChIP-seq analysis we found that a C-class MADS box protein, OsMADS58, binds many nuclear-encoded genes participated in photosystem and light reactions and the expression levels of most of them are increased when expression of OsMADS58 is downregulated in the osmads58 mutant. Furthermore, more pro-chloroplasts are observed and increased signals of reactive oxygen species are detected in the osmads58 mutant anthers. These findings implicate a novel link between stamen identity determination and hypoxia status establishment.