Molecular medicine reports

Expression of integrin-binding protein Nischarin in metastatic breast cancer.

PMID 25695373


The present study aimed to investigate the expression of Nischarin protein in primary breast cancer (PBC), and to evaluate its role in tumor metastasis. Paired specimens of breast cancer tissues and adjacent normal tissues were surgically obtained from 60 patients with PBC at the Zhejiang Cancer Hospital (Hangzhou, China). Nischarin protein concentrations were determined by an ELISA assay. Breast cancer tissues exhibited a significantly lower concentration of Nischarin (5.86 ± 3.19 ng/ml) compared with that of the adjacent noncancerous tissues (9.25 ± 3.65 ng/ml; P<0.001). Furthermore, cancer tissue from patients with lymph node metastasis had significantly lower levels of Nischarin protein (4.69 ± 2.40 ng/ml) than those of patients without lymph node metastasis (7.04 ± 3.47 ng/ml; P=0.004). There was no significant difference in Nischarin protein expression levels between patients with grade I, II or III PBC (grade I, 5.44 ± 3.57 ng/ml; grade II, 6.42 ± 3.85 ng/ml and grade III, 5.10 ± 1.18 ng/ml; P=0.765). The significant differences in the expression of Nischarin between: i) Cancer tissue and noncancerous tissue and ii) patients with and without lymph node metastasis, suggested that Nischarin may have a significant role in tumor occurrence and metastasis of breast cancer. Nischarin expression may therefore be used as a marker to predict the invasiveness and metastasis of PBC.