Development, growth & differentiation

Periostin, a neurite outgrowth-promoting factor, is expressed at high levels in the primate cerebral cortex.

PMID 25703431


Periostin (POSTN or osteoblast specific factor) is an extracellular matrix protein originally identified as a protein highly expressed in osteoblasts. Recently, periostin has been reported to function in axon regeneration and neuroprotection. In the present study, we focused on periostin function in cortical evolution. We performed a comparative gene expression analysis of periostin between rodents (mice) and primates (marmosets and macaques). Periostin was expressed at higher levels in the primate cerebral cortex compared to the mouse cerebral cortex. Furthermore, we performed overexpression experiments of periostin inxa0vivo and inxa0vitro. Periostin exhibited neurite outgrowth activity in cortical neurons. These results suggested the possibility that prolonged and increased periostin expression in the primate cerebral cortex enhances the cortical plasticity of the mammalian cerebral cortex.