Lobe-specific expression of phosphodiesterase 5 in rat prostate.

PMID 25733302


To investigate the level and location of phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) expression in rat prostate. The ventral, dorsal, and lateral lobes of rat prostate were examined for PDE5 expression by Western blotting. Intact rat urogenital complex, including the urinary bladder and accessory reproductive glands, was examined for PDE5 expression by immunohistochemistry. Individual prostatic lobes were further examined by immunofluorescence for expression of PDE5, α-smooth muscle actin, and rat endothelial cell antigen. Western blot analysis showed that PDE5 was expressed at a significantly lower level in dorsal lobe (DL) than in ventral lobe (VL) or lateral lobe (LL). Immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence analyses showed that PDE5 was expressed in both acinar epithelium and periacinar smooth muscle. However, although similar levels of smooth muscle PDE5 expression were observed in all 3 prostatic lobes, significantly lower level of epithelial PDE5 expression was found in DL compared with VL or LL. In prostatic blood vessels, PDE5 expression was clearly visible in the endothelium but not as easily detectable in the smooth muscle. PDE5 was expressed in the acinar epithelium and periacinar smooth muscle of rat prostate. However, the epithelial PDE5 expression was significantly less in DL than in VL or LL. Regardless, the acinar wall, not the blood vessel wall, is the predominant PDE5 expression site in rat prostate.