Journal of cell science

Dynactin and Num1 cooperate to establish the cortical anchoring of cytoplasmic dynein in S. pombe.

PMID 25736293


Chromosome movement during meiosis is crucial for homologous pairing and meiotic recombination. During meiotic prophase in fission yeast, rapid nuclear migration is dependent on cytoplasmic dynein, which is anchored to the cell cortex and pulls microtubules, thereby driving nuclear migration. However, the precise mechanisms underlying dynein localization and activation remain unclear. Here, we identified three subunits of dynactin in fission yeast: Arp1, Mug5 and Jnm1 (also known as Mug1). These subunits transiently colocalized with dynein foci at the cell cortex and were essential for the cortical anchoring of dynein. Cortical factor Num1 (also known as Mcp5), which was also required for dynein anchoring, bound to dynein independently of dynactin. Whereas Num1 suppressed the sliding of dynein foci along the cortex, Arp1, Mug5 and Jnm1 were involved in the regulation of shrinkage and bundling of microtubules. From these data, we propose that dynein anchoring is established by cooperation of transient assembly of dynactin and function of Num1 at the cell cortex.