Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin

Nucleolin is a receptor for maleylated-bovine serum albumin on macrophages.

PMID 25744467


Scavenger receptors have a broad range of functions that include pathogen clearance, and identification of the scavenger receptor family has been of great benefit to the field of physiology. The shuttling-protein nucleolin has recently been shown to possess scavenger receptor-like activity. We therefore investigated whether or not nucleolin is a receptor for maleylated-bovine serum albumin (maleylated-BSA), which is a common ligand for scavenger receptors. Binding and phagocytosis of native control-BSA by thioglycollate-elicited mouse peritoneal macrophages was weak, but that of maleylated-BSA was strong. Surface plasmon-resonance analysis revealed that nucleolin strongly associated with maleylated-BSA but not control-BSA or maleic anhydride. Further, co-treatment of macrophages with anti-nucleolin antibody, but not control-immunoglobulin G, inhibited binding of maleylated-BSA. In addition, antineoplastic guanine rich oligonucleotide (AGRO), a nucleolin-specific oligonucleotide aptamer, inhibited binding of maleylated-BSA. Further, binding of maleylated-BSA to nucleolin-transfected HEK293 cells was higher than that by control HEK cells. These results indicate that nucleolin is a receptor that enables macrophages to recognize maleylated-BSA.