Bioresource technology

Efficient extraction of bagasse hemicelluloses and characterization of solid remainder.

PMID 25746474


To reduce the degradation of cellulose and obtain high molecular weight of hemicellulose from the extracts, pH pre-corrected hot water pretreatment was developed by employing sodium hydroxide (3.9mol/L). The response surface model was established to optimize the extraction process. The species composition and purity of hemicellulose extract was analyzed by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). The obtained solid remainder was analyzed by FTIR and SEM. The results showed that the component of xylose in hemicellulose extract was similar with commercial xylan. FTIR and SEM were shown to be able to evaluate solid remainder composition and surface characterization of the bagasse. The biggest balance between solid remainder and dissolved solid was obtained. Not only the yield of dissolved solid was improved, but the structure of solid remainder was also proved, which was beneficial to pulping and papermaking.