Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin

Preparation of methacrylic acid copolymer S nano-fibers using a solvent-based electrospinning method and their application in pharmaceutical formulations.

PMID 25748778


In this study, we applied an electrospinning (ES) method, which is mainly employed in the textile industry, to the field of pharmaceuticals. We developed and modified an ES instrument and then utilized it to produce methacrylic acid copolymer S (MAC) nano-fibers to prepare tablets. By attaching a conductor rod made from stainless steel to the central part of the nano-fiber-collection plate of the ES apparatus, a MAC nano-fiber sheet could be produced effectively. In addition, we studied various operating conditions for this new ES method, including needle gauge, voltage between the electrodes, distance between the needle and nano-fiber-collection plate and the flow rate of MAC polymer solution, but these had no significant effect on the diameter of MAC nano-fibers. On the other hand, the viscosity (concentration) of MAC polymer solution and permittivity of solvent used to dilute MAC were closely related to the mean diameter of the nano-fibers. Tableting of MAC nano-fibers was performed using a tableting machine without lubricants, and addition of Tween 20 to the tablets enabled regulation of the release profile of a water-soluble drug. The modified ES method reported here is a useful technique for the controlled-release of drugs and has wide-ranging potential for pharmaceutical applications.