International journal of biological macromolecules

Electrospun polyurethane-dextran nanofiber mats loaded with Estradiol for post-menopausal wound dressing.

PMID 25748849


Post-menopausal wound care management is a substantial burden on health services, since there are an increased number of elderly populations linked with age-related delayed wound healing. The controlled estrogen replacement can accelerate healing of acute cutaneous wounds, linked to its potent anti-inflammatory activity. The electrospinning technique can be used to introduce the desired therapeutic agents to the nanofiber matrix. So here we introduce a new material for wound tissue dressing, in which a polyurethane-dextran composite nanofibrous wound dressing material loaded with β-estradiol was obtained through electrospinning. Dextran can promote neovascularization and skin regeneration in chronic wounds. This study involves the characterization of these nanofibers and analysis of cell growth and proliferation to determine the efficiency of tissue regeneration on these biocomposite polymer nanofibrous scaffolds and to study the possibility of using it as a potential wound dressing material in the in vivo models.

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