Oncology reports

MicroRNA-326 functions as a tumor suppressor in colorectal cancer by targeting the nin one binding protein.

PMID 25760058


Accumulating evidence has demonstrated that microRNAs (miRNAs) are involved in multiple processes in cancer development and progression. miR-326 has been identified as a tumor suppressor miRNA in several types of human cancer. However, the specific function of miR-326 and its target the nin one binding protein (NOB1) in colorectal carcinomaxa0(CRC) remains unclear. In the present study, we found that miR-326 inhibited cell proliferation, migration and invasion, and induced cell apoptosis and cell cycle arrest of CRC cells by directly targeting NOB1. Furthermore, the upregulation of miR-326 in CRC cells was revealed to be associated with a feedback loop involving downregulation of the NOB1, which mimics the phenotype induced by miR-326. Importantly, we found that the CRC patients with high expression of miR-326 or low expression of NOB1 tend to obtain a better prognosis. Thus, for the first time, we provide convincing evidence that downregulation of miR-326 inhibited tumor proliferation and tumor metastasis by directly targeting NOB1 in CRC. NOB1 and miR-326 could be potential therapeutic targets for CRC.