Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics

Effects of cytokines on CYP3A4 expression and reversal of the effects by anti-cytokine agents in the three-dimensionally cultured human hepatoma cell line FLC-4.

PMID 25760537


The expression of hepatic cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes is altered under pathological conditions with increased levels of cytokines. In this study, we analyzed the effects of cytokines (interleukin [IL]-1β, IL-6 and tumor necrosis factor α) on the expression of CYP3A4 using newly introduced three-dimensionally cultured human hepatocarcinoma FLC-4 cells. The mRNA level of CYP3A4 was significantly decreased by IL-1β, IL-6 and tumor necrosis factor-α. Formation of α-hydroxytriazolam catalyzed by CYP3A was decreased by IL-1β and IL-6. Pre-treatment with IL-6 enhanced the cytotoxic effects of gefitinib and paclitaxel. In addition, tocilizumab and IL-1 receptor antagonist restored the decreased expression of CYP3A4 mRNA by IL-6 and IL-1β, respectively. These results obtained by using three-dimensionally cultured FLC-4 cells are consistent with results obtained by using primary human hepatocytes and results of clinical studies. Therefore, three-dimensionally cultured FLC-4 cell system may be a promising cellular tool to assess the effects of cytokines on CYP3A4 expression.