PloS one

Identification of protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor gamma extracellular domain (sPTPRG) as a natural soluble protein in plasma.

PMID 25775014


PTPRG is a widely expressed protein tyrosine phosphatase present in various isoforms. Peptides from its extracellular domain have been detected in plasma by proteomic techniques. We aim at characterizing the plasmatic PTPRG (sPTPRG) form and to identify its source. The expression of sPTPRG was evaluated in human plasma and murine plasma and tissues by immunoprecipitation and Western blotting. The polypeptides identified have an apparent Mr of about 120 kDa (major band) and 90 kDa (minor band) respectively. Full length PTPRG was identified in the 100.000×g pelleted plasma fraction, suggesting that it was present associated to cell-derived vesicles (exosomes). The release of sPTPRG by HepG2 human hepatocellular carcinoma cell line was induced by ethanol and sensitive to metalloproteinase and not to Furin inhibitors. Finally, increased levels of the plasmatic ∼120 kDa isoform were associated with the occurrence of liver damage. These results demonstrate that sPTPRG represent a novel candidate protein biomarker in plasma whose increased expression is associated to hepatocyte damage. This observation could open a new avenue of investigation in this challenging field.