Journal of cutaneous medicine and surgery

The Relationship Between Dermatologist- and Patient-Reported Acne Severity Measures and Treatment Recommendations.

PMID 25775621


Acne treatment recommendations for individual patients may be derived from multiple factors including dermatologist- and patient-reported constructs. To evaluate the effects of dermatologist- and patient-reported measures on acne treatment recommendations by dermatologists. An observational cross-sectional survey of acne patients was conducted with patient-reported quality of life and dermatologist-reported measures of primary and secondary (scar) acne severity using 3 assessment approaches: maximal regional grade, total grade, and facial grade. The most highly associated factors with acne treatment recommendations were patient emotions, maximal regional acne severity, and total acne scar grade. Better acne-specific quality of life was negatively related to acne treatment recommendation intensity, while all 3 grading approaches were positively related to acne treatment recommendations. For dermatologists, overall acne severity is most highly associated with maximal regional acne grade, total scar grade, and patient's emotional response to acne.

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