Journal of forensic sciences

An Accelerated Analytical Process for the Development of STR Profiles for Casework Samples.

PMID 25782346


Significant efforts are being devoted to the development of methods enabling rapid generation of short tandem repeat (STR) profiles in order to reduce turnaround times for the delivery of human identification results from biological evidence. Some of the proposed solutions are still costly and low throughput. This study describes the optimization of an analytical process enabling the generation of complete STR profiles (single-source or mixed profiles) for human identification in approximately 5 h. This accelerated process uses currently available reagents and standard laboratory equipment. It includes a 30-min lysis step, a 27-min DNA extraction using the Promega Maxwell(®) 16 System, DNA quantification in <1 h using the Qiagen Investigator(®) Quantiplex HYres kit, fast amplification (<26 min) of the loci included in AmpFℓSTR(®) Identifiler(®), and analysis of the profiles on the 3500-series Genetic Analyzer. This combination of fast individual steps produces high-quality profiling results and offers a cost-effective alternative approach to rapid DNA analysis.