Biosensors & bioelectronics

Real-time immuno-PCR for ultrasensitive detection of pyrene and other homologous PAHs.

PMID 25791466


Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are significant environmental pollutant that can lead to cancer and endocrine system disrupting. Here we developed a real-time immuno-PCR (RT-IPCR) assay based on a biotinylated reporter DNA system for ultrasensitive detection of pyrene (PYR) and homologous PAHs in water. The PAHs in sample compete with PYR-OVA coated on PCR plate to bind with monoclonal antibody (McAb). The biotinylated goat anti-mouse IgG (Bio-IgG) can be captured by the McAb bound with PYR-OVA. Then streptavidin is bound with biotin on Bio-IgG. Finally biotinylated reporter DNA is captured by the streptavidin and quantified by real-time PCR using FastStart universal SYBR Green Master (ROX) kit. The linear range of the assay was from 500 fmol L(-1) to 5 nmol L(-)) with a detection limit of 450 fmol L(-1). The average recoveries of PYR and homologous PAHs from lake water, tap water and commercial mineral water were 96.8%, 101.4% and 99.6% respectively, indicating that water samples had little interfere with the assay. The results demonstrated that the developed RT-IPCR might be a potential method for ultrasensitive detection of PYR and homologous PAHs in drinking and environment water sample.