Nutricion hospitalaria

[Prevalence of undernutrition in hospital patients with unbalanced heart failure; subjective global assessment like prognosis sign].

PMID 25795968


The malnutrition prevalence's studies in patients with heart failure have a great variability. The proportion depends on the used method and the evaluation moment. Malnutrition increases complications, hospital stay, mortality and hospital reentry. It is good idea to diagnose and treat these patients. The objective was determined the prevalence of malnourished heart failure's patients in hospital at our environment and to analyze what used method was a better mortality predictor. Observational study. The nutritional status have been evaluated by Subjective Global Assessment and Mini Nutritional Assessment the nutritional status of 377 patients joined in a high complexity hospital with decompensation of chronic heart failure. The mean age was 75±10. The 51,5% (n=194) were men . According to the Subjective Global Assessment, 50,7 % (45,6 %-55,7 %) were normal nutrition, 41,9 % (37,0 %-46,9 %) were on risk of malnutrition and 7,4 % (5,2 %-10,5 %) were evident malnutrition. The malnutrition prevalence's in hospital chronic heart failure patients by decompensation in our area is high. The Subjective global assessment is a good mortality predictor.

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