Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences

Clinical research on shengjie tongyu granules in the treatment of meteorological cardiovascular disease.

PMID 25796155


This paper aims to study the effect of Shengjie Tongyu granules on the treatment of meteorological cardiovascular disease in clinical treatment. Tongxinluo capsule that is clinically recognized as the effective drug in treating coronary heart disease and angina and was adopted as positive control. The results showed that, angina score and TCM score of two groups were all significantly improved after the treatment (P<0.01), but there was no statistical significance in comparison between groups (P>0.05); total effective rate of angina in the treatment group (77.78%) was superior than the control group (62.52%) after the treatment; but the difference had no statistical significance (P>0.05); total effective rate of TCM syndrome in the treatment group (75%) was superior than the control group (58.62%), and the difference had statistical significance (P<0.05). All these findings suggested that, Shengjie Tongyu granules can effectively improve the clinical symptoms of patients with coronary heart disease and angina, with the curative effect similar to Tongxinluo capsule; meanwhile, it can increase HDL-C and improve abnormal lipid metabolism of angina patient. In the treatment process, there is no significant untoward effect, blood, routine urine test and hepatorenal function have no abnormality, which proves that this drug is safe.

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