International journal of molecular medicine

Systemic delivery of synthetic microRNA-451 is an effective therapeutic strategy for the treatment of lung cancer.

PMID 25812923


MicroRNAs (miRNAs) can function as tumor suppressors and may provide an efficient strategy for the eradication of cancer. Specific miRNAs can be reintroduced into tumor cells to complement loss of tumor suppression activities. The aim of the present study was to develop miRNA delivery formulation using synthesized miR-451. miR-451 was detected using RT-PCR and tissues were analyzed using immunohistochemical analysis. miRNA delivery formulation proved to be effective either locally or systemically. miR-451 accumulation became evident in tumor cells and exerted an anti-proliferative function. The intravenous delivery of formulated miR-451 did not induce any deregulation in the cytokine levels and liver enzymes. Taken together, the results provide insight into the concept of the systemic delivery of synthetic mimics for tumor suppressor miR-451 and provide potential implications for miRNA therapy in clinical practice.