Journal of the neurological sciences

Analysis of differentially expressed lncRNAs in differentiation of bone marrow stem cells into neural cells.

PMID 25820029


Many studies have reported micro RNAs involved in the differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs) into neural cells; however, the roles of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) in the differentiation of BMSCs into neural cells remain poorly understood. We used microarray assays to compare the lncRNA and messenger RNA (mRNA) expression profiles in BMSCs and neural-induced BMSCs. We found a total of 24 lncRNAs and 738 mRNAs that were upregulated and 32 lncRNAs and 682 mRNAs that were downregulated in samples induced for 3h; 27 lncRNAs and 864 mRNAs that were upregulated and 37 lncRNAs and 968 mRNAs that were downregulated in 6h samples; and 23 lncRNAs and 1159 mRNAs that were upregulated or downregulated in both the 3h and 6h samples. For 23 differentially lncRNAs and 83 differentially mRNAs, 256 matched lncRNA-mRNA pairs were found. GO (Gene ontology) analysis showed that these lncRNAs were associated with biological processes, cellular components, and molecular functions. Twenty-five pathways were identified by pathway analysis. Then, RT-qPCR validation of the differentially expressed H19, Esco2, Pcdhb18, and RGD1560277 genes confirmed the microarray data. Our study revealed the expression patterns of lncRNAs in the differentiation of BMSCs into neural cells, and many lncRNAs were differentially expressed in induced BMSCs, suggesting that they may play key roles in processes of differentiation. Our findings may promote the use of BMSCs to treat neurodegenerative diseases and trauma.