Molecular reproduction and development

Multispectral labeling of embryonic cells with lipophilic carbocyanine dyes.

PMID 25820691


Incubation of hatched Strongylocentrotus purpuratus sea urchin embryos or larvae with suspensions of the carbocyanine dyes DiI, DiO, and DiD resulted in the random labeling of membranes of some ectodermal epithelial cells and blastocoelar cells, producing a range of differentially colored cells that can be tracked during development. Simultaneous application of soluble Vybrant® preparations of the three dyes resulted in similar labeling of each cell. Dye labeling of the ectoderm was nearly eliminated by deciliation and some ciliated squamous epithelial cells adjacent to labelled cells were refractory to Vybrant® dye uptake irrespective of concentration or duration of treatment, together suggesting local variation in the properties of cell membranes or cilia. Furthermore, single cells possessing distinctive morphological features were detected.