Expression and clinicopathological significance of FSIP1 in breast cancer.

PMID 25826084


To investigate the clinicopathological significance of the expression of fibrous sheath interacting protein 1 (FSIP1) in breast cancer, serum samples, and wound fluid from patients with breast cancer. Wound fluid and serum samples from female patients with primary breast cancer, recurrent and metastatic breast cancer, and benign tumors were analyzed for FSIP1 expression using ELISA. 286 paraffin-embedded surgical specimens from breast cancer patients with at least 5 years of follow-up were included for FSIP1 expression assay using immunohistochemistry. Expression of FSIP1 protein was significantly higher in breast cancer tissues compared to tumor-adjacent tissues (p = 0.001). Strong correlation was observed between FSIP1 expression and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (Her-2) or Ki67 expression in breast cancer (p = 0.027 and 0.002, respectively). Similarly, serum level of FSIP1 was higher in patients with recurrent and metastatic breast cancer compared to that of primary breast cancer (7, 713 ± 3, 065 vs. 4, 713 ± 3, 065 pg/ml, p = 0.003). Finally, patients with high FSIP1 expression showed a worse post-operative disease-specific survival (p = 0.024). FSIP1 may play an important role in the tumorigenesis and invasion of breast cancer and is a potential biomarker for breast cancer diagnosis or prognosis.