International journal of pharmaceutics

Tris-biphenyl triazine, a new ultraviolet filter studied in terms of photoprotective efficacy.

PMID 25843762


There are relatively few authorized ultraviolet filters in Europe and this presents a certain number of problems when we want to formulate a sun protection product which both ensures a high level of protection and respects the recommendations in force in terms of broad-spectrum efficacy, with, in particular, a critical wavelength (λc) greater than or equal to 370 nm. A new ultraviolet filter has just been launched on the market. Known as tris-biphenyl triazine, it is the first filter to be registered on Annexe VI of "Cosmetics Regulation" (EC) No. 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council, which gives a list of the ultraviolet filters allowed in cosmetic products, since the regulation came into force in July 2013. This filter is both very effective (as it enables 2 SPF units and 1 UVA-PF units to be obtained respectively, by percentage of use) and very photostable (since the SPF and UVA-PF do not vary after 2h of irradiation in a solar simulator). Its broad spectrum associated with its qualities in terms of efficacy and photostability make it a choice ingredient for the formulation of sun protection products.

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