Experimental eye research

Inhibitory action of novel hydrogen sulfide donors on bovine isolated posterior ciliary arteries.

PMID 25845295


In the present study, we investigate the inhibitory effect of novel H2S donors, AP67 and AP72 on isolated bovine posterior ciliary arteries (PCAs) under conditions of tone induced by an adrenoceptor agonist. Furthermore, we examined the possible mechanisms underlying the AP67- and AP72-induced relaxations. Isolated bovine PCA were set up for measurement of isometric tension in organ baths containing oxygenated Krebs solution. The relaxant action of H2S donors was studied on phenylephrine-induced tone in the absence or presence of enzyme inhibitors for the following pathways: cyclooxygenase (COX); H2S; nitric oxide and the ATP-sensitive K(+) (KATP) channel. The H2S donors, NaSH (1xa0nM - 10xa0μM), AP67 (1xa0nM - 10xa0μM) and AP72 (10xa0nM - 1xa0μM) elicited a concentration-dependent relaxation of phenylephrine-induced tone in isolated bovine PCA. While the COX inhibitor, flurbiprofen (3xa0μM) blocked significantly (pxa0