Journal of agricultural and food chemistry

A Possible Freshness Marker for Royal Jelly: Formation of 5-Hydroxymethyl-2-furaldehyde as a Function of Storage Temperature and Time.

PMID 25858076


In this article we present a study of the variability of the concentration of 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furaldehyde (HMF) in natural royal jelly (RJ) as a function of its storage temperature (-18, 4, and 25 °C) and time (up to 9 months after harvesting). For this work HMF is evaluated using an RP-HPLC method we previously assessed. While all RJ samples stored at 4 and -18 °C always showed levels of HMF under the limit of detection (0.13 mg kg(-1)), samples kept at 25 °C showed an exponential increase in the concentration of HMF as a function of the storage time. This behavior and a number of desirable features of the analytical method used (ease of use in routine laboratories, availability of a complete validation protocol specifically developed for RJ, based on consolidated chemical knowledge) allow us to hypothesize the use of HMF as a possible, reliable freshness marker for RJ.