Leukemia & lymphoma

The novel kinesin spindle protein (KSP) inhibitor SB-743921 exhibits marked activity in in vivo and in vitro models of aggressive large B-cell lymphoma.

PMID 25860245


The kinesin spindle protein (KSP) is a mitotic protein essential for cell cycle control and motility. SB-743921 (hereafter SB-921) is an inhibitor that selectively targets the ATP-binding domain of the KSP. The preclinical activity of SB-921 was evaluated in models of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). The cytotoxicity of SB-921 was evaluated in a series of germinal center (GC-DLBCL) and post-germinal center (ABC-DLBCL) DLBCL cell lines and a murine lymphoma xenograft model. GC-DLBCL lines generally demonstrated greater sensitivity to SB-921. IC50 values ranged between 1 nM and 900 nM for GC-DLBCL compared to 1 nM to 10 μM for ABC lines. SB-921 demonstrated marked activity in a xenograft model of Ly-1 (GC-DLBCL). While SB-921 was relatively more active in GC derived cell lines, ABC-derived lines still underwent apoptosis at higher concentrations. These results demonstrate that SB-921 inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis in both GC-DLBCL and ABC-DLBCL.