PloS one

Regulation and methylation of tumor suppressor miR-124 by androgen receptor in prostate cancer cells.

PMID 25860954


Prostate cancer (PCa) is the most frequently diagnosed cancer for men in the developed world. Androgen receptor signaling pathway plays an important role in prostate cancer progression. Recent studies show that microRNA miR-124 exerts a tumor suppressive function in prostate cancer. However, the relationship between AR and miR-124 is unclear. In the present study, we found a negative feedback loop between AR and miR-124 expression. On one hand, miR-124 was a positively regulated target gene of the AR, on the other hand, overexpression of miR-124 inhibited the expression of AR. In addition, we found that miR-124-2 and miR-124-3 promoters were hypermethylated in AR-negative PCa cells. Furthermore, overexpression of miR-124 inhibited proliferation rates and invasiveness capacity of PCa cells in vitro, and suppressed xenograft tumor growth in vivo. Taken together, our results support a negative feedback loop between AR and miR-124 expression. Methylation of miR-124-2 and miR-124-3 may serve as a biomarker for AR-negative PCa cells, and overexpression of miR-124 might be of potential therapeutic value for the treatment of PCa.