Journal of geriatric cardiology : JGC

G-protein beta 3 subunit polymorphisms and essential hypertension: a case-control association study in northern Han Chinese.

PMID 25870615


To explore the association between the three polymorphisms [ C825T, C1429T and G(-350)A] of the gene encoding the G protein beta 3 subunit (GNB3) and hypertension by performing a case-control study in the northern Han Chinese population. We recruited 731 hypertensive patients and 673 control subjects (the calculated power value was > 0.8). Genotyping was performed to identify C825T, C1429T and G(-350)A polymorphisms using the TaqMan assay. Comparisons of allelic and genotypic frequencies between cases and controls were made by using the chi-square test. Logistic regression analyses were performed to investigate the relationships between the three polymorphisms of GNB3 gene under different genetic models (additive, dominant and recessive models). The genotype distribution and allele frequencies of C825T, C1429T and G(-350)A polymorphisms did not differ significantly between hypertensive patients and control subjects, either when the full sample was assessed, or when the sample was stratified by gender. No significant association was observed between C825T, C1429T and G(-350)A polymorphisms and the risk of essential hypertension in any genetic model. Linkage disequilibrium was only detected between C825T and C1429T polymorphisms. Haplotype analyses observed that none of the three estimated haplotypes significantly increased the risk of hypertension. Our study suggested that the GNB3 gene polymorphisms [C825T, C1429T and G(-350)A] were not significantly associated with essential hypertension in northern Han Chinese population.