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MicroRNA-494 sensitizes colon cancer cells to fluorouracil through regulation of DPYD.

PMID 25873402


Chemoresistance of colon cancer cells to the chemotherapeutics is still a main obstacle in treatment of this malignancy. The microRNA (miRNA) mediated chemosensitivity regulation in colon cancer cells is still largely unknown. Here we constructed a fluorouracil (5-Fu) resistant SW480 cell line (SW480/5-Fu) and discovered that miRNA miR-494 was down-regulated in the drug resistant cells compared with the parental cells. miR-494 level was found to be correlated with 5-Fu sensitivity in colon cancer cells, and artificial alteration of miR-494 affects the sensitivity of colon cancer cell lines to 5-Fu. miR-494 also promoted apoptosis of colon cancer cells at present of 5-Fu. Importantly, as a regulatory enzyme in the 5-Fu catabolic pathway, DPYD was confirmed to be a direct target of miR-494 through the interaction of miR-494 and its binding site within DPYD 3' untranslated region (3'UTR). miR-494 also negatively regulated endogenous DPYD expression in SW480 cells. Overexpression or knockdown of DPYD could attenuate miR-494 mediated 5-Fu sensitivity regulation, suggesting the dependence of DPYD regulation in miR-494 activity. miR-494 inhibited SW480/5-Fu derived xenograft tumors growth in vivo at present of 5-Fu. Thus, we concluded that in colon cancer cells, tumor suppressor miR-494 enhanced 5-Fu sensitivity via regulation of DPYD expression.