BMC cancer

Overexpression of 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 10 increases pheochromocytoma cell growth and resistance to cell death.

PMID 25879199


17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 10 (HSD10) has been shown to play a protective role in cells undergoing stress. Upregulation of HSD10 under nutrient-limiting conditions leads to recovery of a homeostatic state. Across disease states, increased HSD10 levels can have a profound and varied impact, such as beneficial in Parkinson's disease and harmful in Alzheimer's disease. Recently, HSD10 overexpression has been observed in some prostate and bone cancers, consistently correlating with poor patient prognosis. As the role of HSD10 in cancer remains underexplored, we propose that cancer cells utilize this enzyme to promote cancer cell survival under cell death conditions. The proliferative effect of HSD10 was examined in transfected pheochromocytoma cells by growth curve analysis and a xenograft model. Fluctuations in mitochondrial bioenergetics were evaluated by electron transport chain complex enzyme activity assays and energy production. Additionally, the effect of HSD10 on pheochromocytoma resistance to cell death was investigated using TUNEL staining, MTT, and complex IV enzyme activity assays. In this study, we examined the tumor-promoting effect of HSD10 in pheochromocytoma cells. Overexpression of HSD10 increased pheochromocytoma cell growth in both in vitro cell culture and an in vivo xenograft mouse model. The increases in respiratory enzymes and energy generation observed in HSD10-overexpressing cells likely supported the accelerated growth rate observed. Furthermore, cells overexpressing HSD10 were more resistant to oxidative stress-induced perturbation. Our findings demonstrate that overexpression of HSD10 accelerates pheochromocytoma cell growth, enhances cell respiration, and increases cellular resistance to cell death induction. This suggests that blockade of HSD10 may halt and/or prevent cancer growth, thus providing a promising novel target for cancer patients as a screening or therapeutic option.

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