Molecular adjuvant IL-33 enhances the potency of a DNA vaccine in a lethal challenge model.

PMID 25887087


Identifying new molecular adjuvants that elicit effective vaccine-induced CD8(+) T cell immunity may be critical for the elimination of many challenging diseases including Tuberculosis, HIV and cancer. Here, we report that co-administration of molecular adjuvant IL-33 during vaccination enhanced the magnitude and function of antigen (Ag)-specific CD8(+) T cells against a model Ag, LCMV NP target protein. These enhanced responses were characterized by higher frequencies of Ag-specific, polyfunctional CD8(+) T cells exhibiting cytotoxic characteristics. Importantly, these cells were capable of robust expansion upon Ag-specific restimulation in vivo and conferred remarkable protection against a high dose lethal LCMV challenge. In addition, we demonstrate the ability of IL-33 to amplifying the frequency of Ag-specific KLRG1(+) effector CD8(+) T cells. These data show that IL-33 is a promising immunoadjuvant at improving T cell immunity in a vaccine setting and suggest further development and understanding of this molecular adjuvant for strategies against many obstinate infectious diseases and cancer.