Single-component self-assembled RNAi nanoparticles functionalized with tumor-targeting iNGR delivering abundant siRNA for efficient glioma therapy.

PMID 25890731


Existing limitations of common RNA interference (RNAi) oncotherapy severely compromised their therapeutic effects. In this study, a novel glioma-targeting RNAi system was developed. Single-component RNAi nanospheres were tactfully self-assembled inxa0vitro, combining the carrier and cargo as a whole. An artificially synthesized polycation (pOEI) with redox-sensitive disulfides in structure condensed the RNAi nanospheres into more compacted nanoparticles. Then a novelly designed tumor-homing and penetrating cyclopeptide iNGR was further modified on the surface. iNGR modified RNAi nanoparticles demonstrated significantly enhanced accumulation in glioma site, remaining stable in circulation until the release of naked RNAi nanospheres were triggered off by the paranormal concentration of glutathione within glioma cells. Naked RNAi nanospheres were digested into abudant siRNA afterwards. Remarkable luciferase gene down-regulations have confirmed their outstanding RNAi effects. With specific design of sequences, the iNGR modified RNAi nanoparticles were supposed to be of great potential in safe and efficient glioma therapy in future.