Ultrasonics sonochemistry

A robust super-paramagnetic TiO2:Fe3O4:Ag nanocomposite with enhanced photo and bio activities on polyester fabric via one step sonosynthesis.

PMID 25899439


High intensity ultrasound was used for the synthesis and simultaneous deposition of TiO2:Fe3O4:Ag nanocomposites on polyester surface providing a feasible route for imparting magnetic and enhanced antibacterial and self-cleaning activities with controllable hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity at low temperature. Synergistic impact of sonochemistry and physical effects of ultrasound originating from implosive collapse of bubbles were responsible for the formation and adsorption of nanomaterials on the fabric surface during ultrasound irradiation. The increase in photocatalytic activity of TiO2 was obtained attributing to the co-operation of iron oxide and silver nanoparticles nucleated on TiO2 surface boosting the electron-hole pair separation and prolonging their recombination rate. The process was further optimized in terms of reagents concentrations including Fe(2+)/TiO2 and Ag/TiO2 molar ratios using central composite design in order to achieve the best self-cleaning property of the treated fabric. The magnetic measurements indicated the super-paramagnetic behavior of the treated fabric with saturation magnetization of 4.5 (emu/g). Findings suggest the potential of the proposed facial method in producing an intelligent fabric with durable multi-functional activities that can be suitable for various applications including medical, military, bio-separation, bio-sensors, magneto graphic printing, magnetic screens and magnetic filters.