Journal of chromatography. A

Influence of some operation variables on continuous separation process of orthogonal pressurized planar electrochromatography.

PMID 25900742


Orthogonal pressurized planar electrochromatography (OPPEC) is the new separation technique, in which two simultaneous and orthogonal processes of electrochromatography/electrophoresis and chromatography proceed under external pressure. It means in the OPPEC separation system a mobile phase solution hydrodynamically flows against adsorbent layer of the chromatographic plate and electric field is orthogonally applied to it. This technique can be applied to analytical and preparative separations. In the paper we report influence of some operating variables on continuous preparative OPPEC separation of test dyes in system with HPTLC RP-18W plates from Merck and methanol-buffer mobile phase. The following operation variables are discussed: external pressure exerted on the adsorbent layer, mobile phase flow velocity, and the ratio of flow velocities of the mobile phase to the sample solution, voltage applied to electrodes, modifier concentration in the mobile phase, concentration and pH of buffer.