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Proteomic analysis of the cytotoxic effects induced by the organogold(III) complex Aubipyc in cisplatin-resistant A2780 ovarian cancer cells: further evidence for the glycolytic pathway implication.

PMID 25906354


The cellular alterations produced in cisplatin-resistant A2780 ovarian cancer cells (A2780/R) upon treatment with the cytotoxic organogold(III) complex Aubipyc were investigated in depth through a classical proteomic approach. We observed that A2780/R cell exposure to a cytotoxic concentration of Aubipyc for 24 hours results in a conspicuous number of alterations at the protein level that were carefully examined. Notably, we observed that several affected proteins belong to the glucose metabolism system further supporting the idea that the cytotoxic effects of Aubipyc in A2780/R cells are mostly mediated by an impairment of glucose metabolism in excellent agreement with previous observations on the parent cisplatin-sensitive cell line.