Molecular and cellular endocrinology

microRNA expression in autonomous thyroid adenomas: Correlation with mRNA regulation.

PMID 25916957


The objective of the study was to identify the deregulated miRNA in autonomous adenoma and to correlate the data with mRNA regulation. Seven autonomous adenoma with adjacent healthy thyroid tissues were investigated. Twelve miRNAs were downregulated and one was upregulated in the tumors. Combining bioinformatic mRNA target prediction and microarray data on mRNA regulations allowed to identify mRNA targets of our deregulated miRNAs. A large enrichment in mRNA encoding proteins involved in extracellular matrix organization and different phosphodiesterases were identified among these putative targets. The direct interaction between miR-101-3p and miR-144-3p and PDE4D mRNA was experimentally validated. The global miRNA profiles were not greatly modified, confirming the definition of these tumors as minimal deviation tumors. These results support a role for miRNA in the regulation of extracellular matrix proteins and tissue remodeling occurring during tumor development, and in the important negative feedback of the cAMP pathway, which limits the consequences of its constitutive activation in these tumors.