The clinical respiratory journal

European screening for alpha

PMID 25919395


Alpha Subjects with respiratory symptoms that could be indicative of AATD provided blood samples as dried blood spot. The alpha From 13 countries, 11 648 subjects were included. Genotyping of 1404 samples with AAT levels <1.70 mg/dL revealed 71 (5.06%) PiS, 151 (10.8%) PiZ, 1 (0.071%) PiSS, 8 (0.57%) PiSZ and 32 (2.28%) PiZZ. Phenotyping of 1363 samples negative for the S and Z alleles or with PiS and PiZ genotype showed two (0.147%) PiZ(rare) and two (0.147%) Pi(null)(null). The countries with the highest rate of severe AATD were Croatia, Russia and Slovakia. By regions, the Baltic countries area showed the highest rate of both PiZ and severe AATD (2.45% and 1.20%, respectively) while the lowest rates were observed in the Balkan Peninsula (0.48% and 0.31%, respectively). This study confirms the need for targeted testing of symptomatic patients and provides AATD genotype data from countries for which only some estimates of prevalence were available until now.