Environmental science and pollution research international

Reducing dioxin formation by adding hydrogen in simulated fly ash.

PMID 25925141


In this study, simulated fly ash containing CuO/CuCl2 was heated at 350 °C in a flow of N2 and also in a nitrogen flow containing 10 vol% H2, to evaluate the influence of hydrogen adding on dioxin formation. The total polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans (PCDD/F) output derived from the CuO sample under N2 and 10 % H2 was 7.382 and 0.708 ng/g, respectively. As for CuCl2, it was 589 and 46.1 ng/g, respectively. The results show that the hydrogen adding has a good inhibition effect on PCDD/F formation; the inhibition rate was higher than 90 % for PCDD/Fs. HCl and NH3 were detected by Gasmet in the flue gas; the probable inhibition mechanism of hydrogen reaction was proposed, based on our measurements and others' researches.