Faraday discussions

Determination of a localized surface plasmon resonance mode of Cu7S4 nanodisks by plasmon coupling.

PMID 25927080


Plasmon properties such as peak position, extinction cross-section and local electric field intensity are strongly dependent on excited, localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) modes. In non-spherical copper chalcogenide nanoparticles, assignment of the LSPR peaks to the corresponding oscillation modes has been controversial and requires experimental verification. We determined the in-plane LSPR mode of roxbyite Cu7S4 nanodisks from the plasmon coupling effect of nanodisks in solution. Compared with individual Cu7S4 nanodisks, self-assembled Cu7S4 nanodisk arrays in chloroform exhibited a blue-shifted LSPR peak with weaker optical density. This strongly suggests that the singular LSPR peak in the near-infrared region mainly originates from the in-plane oscillation mode. In addition, we demonstrate that the same LSPR peak can be readily tuned by controlling the number of disks in the array.