Annals of laboratory medicine

Meta-Analysis of the SLCO1B1 c.521T>C Variant Reveals Slight Influence on the Lipid-Lowering Efficacy of Statins.

PMID 25932441


Several studies have focused on the association between the lipid-lowering efficacy of statins and the SLCO1B1 c.521T>C polymorphism; however, the results are conflicting. The effects of statins show significant variability between individuals. This meta-analysis aimed to investigate the effects of the SLCO1B1 c.521T>C polymorphism on the lipid-lowering effects of statins. We systematically searched PubMed and Web of Science to screen relevant studies. Meta-analysis was performed to identify the association between SLCO1B1 c.521 polymorphisms and the lipid-lowering effects of statins on the basis of the standard mean difference (SMD) and 95% confidence intervals (CIs). Additionally, we checked for heterogeneity (I(2)) among studies and evidence of publication bias. We obtained eight studies including 2,012 wild genotype (T/T) and 526 variant genotype (T/C and C/C) cases. No significant difference was observed in the lipid-lowering efficacy of statins between the wild and variant genotypes of SLCO1B1, with a pooled SMD of 0.03 (95% CI: -0.07-0.13). Furthermore, there was no significant effect in the meta-analyses of the variant heterozygote, homozygote, and Chinese populations. Subgroup meta-analysis indicated that the time required for the statin to take effect did not significantly affect the association between lipid-lowering efficacy of statins and SLCO1B1 c.521T>C polymorphism. However, the wild genotype improved the lipid-lowering efficacy of simvastatin with a pooled SMD of -0.26 (95% CI: -0.47- -0.05). No significant association was detected between the lipid-lowering efficacy of statins and the SLCO1B1 c.521T>C polymorphism, with the exception of simvastatin.