Porous gelatin/tricalcium phosphate/genipin composites containing lumbrokinase for bone repair.

PMID 25933942


Bone cell activities are very important in bone remodeling. This study investigates the effects of lumbrokinase on bone cell activities in cultures. Moreover, a biodegradable composite (GGT) containing genipin-crosslinked gelatin and β-tricalcium phosphate was prepared to carry lumbrokinase (GGTLK). Rat calvarial bone defects were filled with GGT and GGTLK composites. Bone healing was monitored in vivo by bioluminescence imaging and micro-CT. Lumbrokinase was found to have a dose-dependent effect on bone cell activities. Low concentrations (<1μg/ml) of lumbrokinase increased the viability, total alkaline phosphatase activity and mobility of osteoblasts, the number of total calcified nodules and the expression of osteopontin and osteocalcin; however, they considerably reduced the total tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase activity of osteoclasts. IVIS images revealed a stronger fluorescent signal in GGTLK-treated animals than in GGT-treated animals. Micro-CT analysis revealed that GGTLK induced more new bone formation than did GGT. These observations suggest that lumbrokinase released from GGTLK composite can enhance bone tissue regeneration.

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