Viral immunology

Kinetics and Immunodominance of Virus-Specific T Cell Responses During Hantaan Virus Infection.

PMID 25945718


Immunodominant T cell responses are important for protection against virus challenge. However, studies screening for the immunodominant T cell responses and following their kinetics in acute Hantaan virus (HTNV) infection are very limited. Herein, the HTNV nucleocapsid protein-specific T cell responses were longitudinally screened in 15 patients with acute HTNV infection, eight of whom had a particularly severe hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS). An extremely impaired IFN-γ-producing T cell response was observed in patients with severe HFRS at the early stage of infection, especially to the immunodominant epitopes detected in the mild to moderate group, namely peptides N127-141, N139-153, N241-255, and N355-369. The initially insufficient T cell response to the immunodominant epitopes may play a role in influencing the severity of HTNV infection. These findings provide information that may aid the design of future vaccines against hantaviruses.