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The microRNA-217 functions as a tumor suppressor and is frequently downregulated in human osteosarcoma.

PMID 25960216


Dysregulation of miRNA is always associated with cancer development and progression. Aberrant expression of miR-217 has been found in some types of cancer. However, its expression and function in osteosarcoma remain unclear. The aim of this study was to explore the effects of miR-217 in osteosarcoma tumorigenesis and development. The expression level of miR-217 was quantified by real-time RT-PCR in human osteosarcoma cell lines and tissues. MTT, flow cytometric, transwell invasion and migration assays, and tumorigenicity in vivo were adopted to observe the effects of miR-217 on MG-63 cell phenotypes. MiR-217 was significantly downregulated in osteosarcoma cell lines and clinical specimens. Decreased miR-217 expression was significantly associated with large tumor size, positive distant metastasis, and advanced clinical stage. Low miR-217 expression in osteosarcoma was an independent predictor of poor survival. Overexpression of miR-217 can inhibit the proliferation, invasion, migration and promoted apoptosis of MG-63 cells in vitro and in vivo. These findings indicate that miR-217 may act as a tumor suppressor in osteosarcoma and would serve as a novel therapeutic agent for miRNA-based therapy.