Influence of fetuin and hyaluronan on the post-thaw quality and fertilizing ability of Holstein bull semen.

PMID 25962321


It was determined that fetuin and hyaluronan supplementation did not provide any significant effect on the post-thaw subjective and CASA motility percentages and sperm motion characteristics, in comparison to the controls (P>0.05). Sperm acrosome and total abnormalities were similar in all groups (P>0.05). Groups M (hyaluronan+fetuin) and H (hyaluronan) displayed a higher rate of sperm membrane integrity, compared to that of Group C (control) (P<0.01). According to the results of the comet assay, the lowest percentage of sperm with damaged DNA was achieved in Group H, when compared to all of the experimental groups (P<0.01). Furthermore, all of the additives resulted in a lower rate of sperm with damaged DNA than that of the controls, and thus, reduced DNA damage (P<0.01). For pregnancy rates, there were no significant differences between the extender groups (P>0.05). MDA formation was found to be lower in Groups M and F (P<0.01). In Group M, SOD activity was determined to have significantly increased (23.61±5.62 U/ml) compared to the other groups (P<0.01). All experimental groups had a GSH-Px activity higher than that of the control group (P<0.01).