Environmental science and pollution research international

Association between blood arsenic levels and nasal polyposis disease risk in the Tunisian population.

PMID 25966890


Although the pathophysiology underlying nasal polyposis (NP) formation is not fully understood, systemic, local, and environmental factors appear to contribute to NP disease development. This study aimed to explore the relationship between metal blood levels and NP risk. To the best of our knowledge, the current research represents the first scientific contribution reporting levels of Cr and As in blood of NP patients. In this context, 90 NP patients and 171 controls were recruited and blood samples were analyzed to determine the concentrations of As and Cr. Metal blood levels of As in patients (2.1 μg/L) were significantly higher than those of controls (1.2 μg/L). However, no significant difference in blood Cr levels was found between cases and controls. Arsenic blood levels of cigarette smokers were significantly higher than those of non-smokers. Environmental exposure and shisha consumption presented the most significant association with NP disease (OR = 10.1 and 14.1, respectively). High levels of blood As were significantly associated with NP disease (OR = 2.1). Cr blood levels were found to be associated with the four stages of polyps in both nasal cavities. This study found a strong association between nasal polyposis disease and As blood levels. These findings merit further investigation.