Molecular medicine reports

Calponin-h2 is upregulated in the tissues and plasma of patients with breast cancer.

PMID 25976781


Increasing evidence has demonstrated that changes in plasma nuclear matrix proteins are specific markers of cancer. Furthermore, proteomic analysis has revealed that calponin-h2 is upregulated in human breast cancer tissue, but is absent in healthy and benign controls. However, the roles of levels of plasma calponin-h2 in the diagnosis of breast cancer and its association with clinicopathological parameters remain to be elucidated. In the present study, the plasma levels of calponin-h2 in patients with breast cancer, benign breast disease and in healthy controls were examined using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. The expression levels of calponin-h2 in invasive breast cancer and normal breast tissues were measured using immunohistochemistry. Statistical analyses examined the association between the levels of plasma calponin-h2 and clinicopathological parameters. The results demonstrated that the plasma level of calponin-h2 in breast cancer was significantly higher than those in the healthy control and benign breast disease groups (P<0.05). The combination of calponin-h2, carcinoembryonic antigen, carbohydrate antigen 15-3 improved the diagnosis of breast cancer. The plasma levels of calponin-h2 PR-breast cancers was significantly higher, compared with PR+ breast cancers (P=0.033), and the plasma levels of calponin-h2 in patients with breast cancer aged >50 years was significantly higher than in patients ≤ 50 years of age (P=0.001). No association was found between the level of plasma calponin-h2 and other clinicopathological parameters of breast cancer. Taken together, these results indicated that calponin-h2 may be a useful marker of breast cancer.