Journal of cell science

A role for F-BAR protein Rga7p during cytokinesis in S. pombe.

PMID 25977474


F-BAR proteins are known to participate in cytokinesis, but their mechanisms are not well understood. Here we investigated Rga7p, an Schizosaccharomyces pombe F-BAR protein with a RhoGAP domain. Localization of Rga7p to the cytokinetic cleavage furrow depends on its F-BAR domain, actin filaments, the formins Cdc12p and For3p, and the presence of a contractile ring. Rga7p is not required for the constriction of the contractile ring but does participate in the transport of a β-glucan synthetase (Bgs4p) from the late Golgi compartments to plasma membrane that is adjacent to the contractile ring. Cells without Rga7p moved Bgs4p normally from the poles to the Golgi complex near to the cell center, but Bgs4p then moved slowly from the late Golgi compartments to the cleavage site. The late arrival and lower than normal numbers of Bgs4p result in septal defects late in cytokinesis, and in the lysis of separating cells, similar to that in cells with mutations in the cwg1(+) gene (which encodes Bgs4p).

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