Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

Savagea faecisuis gen. nov., sp. nov., a tylosin- and tetracycline-resistant bacterium isolated from a swine-manure storage pit.

PMID 25980832


A polyphasic taxonomic study using morphological, biochemical, chemotaxonomic and molecular methods was performed on three strains of a Gram-stain positive, non-sporeforming, motile aerobic rod-shaped bacterium resistant to tylosin and tetracycline isolated from a swine-manure storage pit. On the basis of 16S rRNA gene sequence analyses, it was confirmed that these isolates are highly related to each other and form a hitherto unknown lineage within the Planococcaceae. In particular, pairwise analysis of the 16S rRNA gene sequence demonstrated that the novel organism is closely related to members of the genus Sporosarcina (92.8-94.5 %), Pyschrobacillus (93.5-93.9 %) and Paenisporosarcina (93.3-94.5 %). The predominant fatty acids were found to consist of iso-C15:0 and iso-C17:1 ω10c and the G+C mol% was determined to be 41.8. Based on biochemical, chemotaxonomic, and phylogenetic evidence, it is proposed that these novel strains be classified as a novel genus and species, Savagea faecisuis gen nov., sp. nov. The type strain is Con12(T) (=CCUG 63563(T) = NRRL B-59945(T) = NBRC 109956(T)).